British Petroleum

A Gulf dealer in 1973, it took just three years for us to become a jobber with the purchase of a Georgia distributorship. Gulf Oil underwent many changes in the 1980s when it was purchased by Chevron Oil Company, who then re-sold the southeastern operations to BP. We became part of a historic re-branding as we championed BP in an area that was entrenched in the Gulf Brand. We now serve more than 35 locations in Georgia and South Carolina.  For more information about BP products, services and fuel cards, visit them at

Shell Oil

We began our relationship with Shell as a jobber in 1986. Since that time, we’ve built dozens of ground-up locations and now serve more than 45 customers with this leading brand in Georgia and the Carolinas. For more information about Shell products and services, please visit them at

Sunoco Logistics

Sunoco approached us in 2004 to become a jobber in southeast Georgia to help serve Sunoco outlets along the I-95 corridor. Having grown our business with this NASCAR-friendly brand, we now serve approximately a dozen locations and are dedicated to promoting Sunoco fuels throughout the southeast.  For more information about Sunoco, visit them at

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

We became a jobber in 2009 with the acquisition of accounts served by a former Marathon supplier. With this acquisition came the chance to supply nearly 60 stores across Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina. With its low-cost pricing structure and consumer-friendly image, we expect to grow the Marathon brand significantly in the next few years.

Southern Fuel Transport

We began transporting fuel to our retail locations in 1978. Soon, a fleet of trucks would be acquired to service our growing number of retail and wholesale locations. In 2003, we began operating our fleet as a common carrier under the name Southeastern Fuel Transport. With a fleet of trucks in three locations, we haul gas and petroleum products to destinations in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

KOA Campgrounds

A subsidiary of the Sommers Company, the Savannah South KOA opened in 1973. This campground, which has received the KOA President’s Award every year since 2008, serves as a familiar stopping place for the thousands of recreational campers who travel to Florida to escape cold winters or vacation with families at popular tourist attractions.

El Cheapo Convenience

After the oil crisis in the mid-1970s, customers were looking to save even a penny a gallon on their fuel purchases. Most gas stations in the Savannah area carried branded fuels, but Jackie and Jimmy Sommers felt the need to have a cost-conscious brand for petroleum products…hence the first El Cheapo gas station opened in 1978. Now this franchise has more than 150 locations throughout Georgia and the Carolinas that “kick high prices.”






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